Dieting Fads vs. Wholesome Meals: Choose Wisely!

The diet has been used and abused so many times that the word itself has lost all its real essence. When you hear the word, alarm bells sound in your head and all you can think about are the negative connotations of it but this shouldn’t be the case. If you think being on a diet is all about counting calories, cutting or skipping meals and near about starving yourself, then think again!


A healthy diet is about having a wholesome meal, it isn’t something you do for a short term period just to lose a few pounds, it is about taking in the ideal amount of calories that your body needs to fully function throughout the day and help you in maintaining your ideal BMI. So what type of healthy diet tips should you follow?

Like any dietician would recommend, it is all about finding a balance. This balance should be between what you are taking inside the body and what you are expelling from it. If you love sugar or unprocessed food, it is okay you don’t need to give it up, you can continue having them but remember to compensate it by having as much fruits and vegetables, and by sweating out the excess fat and carbohydrates in time. Staying away from alcohol and smoking is all a precondition to a healthy diet. The idea is to not let excess fat deposit in your body, not let sugar, cholesterol and other such health and lifestyle conditions become a problem for you now or later in life.

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Chose between Losing a Kilo and Staying Healthy!

Making a diet plan is not half as challenging as sticking to one! And this is more so true in cases of women who have a hectic work schedule. What do you do when you cannot even have two simple meals of the day sitting? Well you end up having no control over your own body! Losing weight and staying healthy are two different things since the former is a short term goal while the latter is a more ling end sustainable state of mind.


Making Healthy Balanced Diet Plan requires you to know what is being healthy and what it means to be on a diet. A healthy diet is all about moderation and the balancing act. If you are starting to make a plan then first and foremost make up your mind. This is because you will require a lot of will power to stay on something for long enough for it to show viable results for your body as well as your mind.

We all know the daily routine of fruits and vegetables but did you know how important water is in cleaning your system by removing toxins, helping bowel movement and getting rid of excess kilos every day. Well if you didn’t then stick to water and more such unsalted and sugarless fluids. Another crucial factor is actually translating those lost kilos into a slimmer body is a exercising, it can be anything from taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking towards the grocery store than driving to get the best of results.

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